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Learn the 4 Step SOAP Bible Study Method Today! With Free Workbook!

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I have tried MANY different methods of Bible study over the years. There seems to be one for every level of experience, and that is always a great thing! But the SOAP Bible study is one of my favorites because of its simplicity while, at the same time, allowing one to take Bible study as far as they want to go with it. It allows you to draw from scripture what the Lord wants to show you personally, and not just what someone else experienced.

So let’s explore the SOAP Bible study method together! Read on to learn more AND get your FREE SOAP Method workbook to help you along the way

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Why Study the Bible on Your Own?

Yes sure, you could purchase a well-laid out study that walks you through the verses or the topic and explains how to interpret it but then you are getting THEIR interpretation.

The Word says in 2 Timothy 2:15

Do all you can to present yourself to God as someone worthy of his approval, as a worker with no need to be ashamed, because he deals straightforwardly with the Word of the Truth.


In Hebrews 4:12 it says:

For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword—piercing right through to a separation of soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.


That “piercing”, that judging of thoughts and intentions comes from your own study and the way the Lord speaks directly to you through His Word.

2 Timothy says “He deals STRAIGHTFORWARDLY with the Word of Truth”. So you approaching the Word on your own allows you to experience his truth directly.

Why the SOAP Bible Study?

There are many study methods out there that you can use to study the Bible, including Verse Mapping, APPLE, Inductive studies, Expositional studies Verse Mapping and more.In fact, I cover many of them in my post on Bible Study Methods! So why the SOAP Method? What does it consist of?

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The SOAP Bible Study Method – What Does SOAP Mean?

The SOAP Bible Study Method consists of:

S – Scripture

O- Observation

A- Application

P- Prayer

We are going to look at each one individually and explore the different ways you can use them in your study of the Word.

S – Scripture

This is the part where you get to choose which Scripture you choose to work with.

It could be a verse you find during your daily Bible reading or one that you found in your Bible journaling or Scripture writing time.

Write this verse out (you can get my free SOAP Prep Worksheet later in this post to use  for this) and pray over it, asking God to show you what He wishes to speak to you through this study.

We are going to look at each part of the SOAP Bible study individually and explore the different ways you can use them in your study of the Word. Click To Tweet

You can also choose a verse if you are studying by topic! For instance if you are doing a topical study of parenting in the Bible you may choose a parenting verse each day.

If you are doing a topical study or if you are reading through a specific book of the Bible, it might be helpful to schedule out your Bible study! I have some great free SOAP Bible study method workbook that will help you do that!

O – Observation

The observation part of the SOAP Bible study is probably my favorite! It is that time I get to ask questions that make me dig deeper into my verse.

This is a great place to ask the “who, what, where, when, why’s and how’s” of the verse! Sometimes reading the Bible is like reading someone else’s mail. It is not all being spoken TO us. Sometimes the Lord is speaking to a specific person. So we need to know these things.

So how to we “observe” in the Bible? We look at:

  • Who is speaking? Who is being spoken of?
  • What is the focus of the verse? What does God want me to know about what I read? What promises are mentioned? What warnings? What commands?
  • Where is this taking place? Where is the verse referencing? Where was the person who wrote it?
  • When was this written? What timeframe is being spoken of?
  • Why is this important to my walk with God? Why did ____ do ____?
  • How is God trying to speak to me in this verse, this action, this wisdom, this person’s experience?

A – Application

This is the stage in the SOAP Bible study where you will see what God wants to show you regarding how you can apply this verse, this lesson, this teaching to your own life. How can you use what you get from the previous two steps in deepening you walk with the Lord?

Does it speak to my life right now? Is it speaking to a situation I might be struggling with?

SOAP Bible Study - an infographic for each letter of the acronym SOAP

Are there other verses you can identify that are connected with this verse that you can study next? 

I advise you to not rush through this stage of your study. In fact, I think it is a good idea to come back to this after the final step in the SOAP process and see if God has spoken anything to you further!

Take notes and then you can go back at a later date and see all the things He has shown you! In the free SOAP method workbook there is a notes sheet where you can do that!

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P – Prayer

I did mention in the beginning of this post to pray before you start this study but now is the time to pray further and ask God to show you any lessons He wants you to draw from the Scripture you studied.

Has He shown you an area of your life you might be sinning in? Repent of that!

Has He shown you His will in a certain area? Ask Him to give you the strength to set aside your own will and follow His.

Has He shown you something you are holding onto that you need to put into His hands? Ask Him to help you to surrender to Him.

See what else He lays on your heart and submit it to Him in prayer!

Has He shown you something you are holding onto that you need to put into His hands? Ask Him to help you to surrender to Him. Click To Tweet

Your SOAP Bible Study Method Workbook

I have created a SOAP Bible study workbook for you to track your studies with a daily, weekly and monthly planner. It also includes a sheet where you can do your prep work by writing down questions, words you want to verse map, and more. There are questions you can ask yourself for each verse as well!

I have created a FREE SOAP Bible study workbook for you to track your studies with a daily, weekly and monthly planner. Click To Tweet

And I am offering this to you absolutely FREE just to help you on your journey and to thank you for your support!

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  1. The SOAP method is such a great one for study. As one who likes methodical approaches, this is one I’ve used in the past and will use again in the future. Thanks for reminding me of it here.