Best Devotionals for Young Women in 2022 and Beyond

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As a mother of young women, I know how important it is that they develop a life of faith and a walk with God. There are so many things out there vying for their attention and affection and I want them to be firmly rooted in the word. I find that having devotionals for young women these days is more vital than ever! We live in a scary world right now and they need to be rooted in the Word.

So I am going to share some of the best devotionals for young women for 2022 and beyond!

An image of two teenage girls sitting together looking at a Bible and text that says The Best Devotionals for Young Women for 2021 and Beyond

What is a Devotional?

A devotional is a book or app or some writing that is a reflection on or takeaway from the Word or from a teaching on the Word.

It helps you focus on God and step out of your daily busy routine and spend time focusing on God.

I find devotionals for teen girls particularly helpful because sometimes the idea of sitting down and reading the Word can seem daunting for a young girl. Starting off with a devotional in the morning as an aid in reading the Word (not a replacement for it) can help them to see that God did not intend for His Word to be difficult to understand. Sometimes they just need that time to reflect on that “nugget” and learn from lessons others have drawn from Scripture.

Devotions for young women can help them further understand areas of the Word and help them connect with it. If a devotion goes over fear, for instance, it can help young women find those verses that speak to that and they can dig deeper.

Again, while they should never be a replacement for reading and studying the Word, it can act as a guide to point them to the Scriptures that speak to the things that weigh on their hearts. It should accompany a study of Scripture, not be in place of it.

Devotionals for Young Women for 2022

Devotionals for Young Women – Drawing Near to God 

Using daily devotionals for young women helps them see that, in all things, God is in control.

Life is so full of uncertainties, especially right now, and devotions can help a young woman lean into God’s promises and feel that reassurance in the Word through these short lessons.

Devotions are also a wonderful way for young women to hide His Word in their hearts. Having God’s Word hidden in their hearts helps them to recall it easily when they need it most.

Since they focus on particular verses, it helps to entice them to remember what those verses conveyed and to read further into it, since many devotionals encourage them to do just that; read further!

This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success.


Devotions can help them to recall that verse or verses because they have developed a personal connection to it.

Devotions are also a wonderful way for young women to hide His Word in their hearts. Click To Tweet

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