1. Too funny – this just popped up on Pinterest when I just read that story last night! Thanks for the great insight!!

    1. Thank you Lois! I am glad you enjoyed it! There are certainly other parallels out there but this was just one possibility!

  2. I am late finding this post. I agree 100% with all that has been said, and would like to add one additional insight that I discovered while studying this Holy Week. This instantaneous withering away of the Fig Tree was also a way of showing His disciples that Jesus had power over death. He had on previous occasions shown that he could restore life, but this was the first time that He displayed His full power over death. Interesting how just a few short days later He would show this authority once again on the cross when He willingly “gave up the ghost.”

    1. Thank you for sharing that Joseph! Yes there are a couple of different things He was trying to teach His disciples in this interaction and you touched on one of them…it is also believed He is demonstrating a prolepsis regarding the coming destruction of the 2nd Temple. It is quite an interesting topic of study! Thank you for your insights!

  3. My name is Syrenthia Averett in Los Angeles, California. I really enjoyed the teaching on the cursing of the fig tree. Thank God for you. I teach the word and I have gone through that pruning. I am bearing more fruit. Sister how do I get the free copy of the FREE 7 Day Devotional on the 7 Sayings of Yeshua on the Cross as your gift to me! Is it a hard copy? I am new to your teachings. But, I would like to read more. Keep on teaching. And thank you for helping me to grow even more. God Bless and have a great day.

  4. WOW! What a huge weight that has been lifted off. Thank you for the insight you shared, much appreciated! I’m so grateful!

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