1. Thank you so much for teaching on this. It’s so important for Christians to have a proper understanding of Passover.

  2. Thank you for making this series, I took a lot of notes! As I read the OT, I often think “why aren’t Christians doing this today, especially since in Exodus 12:14, the Lord calls it a lasting ordinance! Not one word from the book of Law as so this law is for us as well 🙂 there are not many articles that speak of the Messianic meaning of these elements, they are looking back to the days of Egyptian bondage. We can look at the present at our deliverance from bondage to the law of Sin and Death and look forward to the new heaven and earth out Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is coming back to establish!
    I’ll be hosting a Seder at my place this Easter and will explain each element to my girlfriends, God bless you sister!

  3. Thank you for teaching the Jewish customs to the Gentile Christians! It is is wonderful to be able to learn the depth and meaning of your custom!!

  4. Excellent articles and videos. Brief and to the point, an excellent springboard for devotion and study. Thank you and may the LORD bless you richly. John

  5. Hello worthy! thank you for posting this I have a question for you. In Luke 22 verse 17 Jesus talks about the 1st cup of wine although it doesn’t say the 1st cup it doesn’t mention any other cup before that. it sounds like it’s the first cup and this is the one he says. “for I tell you that from now on I will not drink the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes” so that sounds like it’s sanctification which makes sense to me because that tells me he’s taking a Nazirite vow.

    1. Hi Geneva. I think this is more a case of brevity to get to the heart of the narrative. The writers were assuming the readers of those days were familiar with the Passover so I think their focus was more on what was about to take place and the Kingdom He spoke of was about (which is actually a very Jewish thing by the way).

  6. I appreciate and love this word, and the explanation of the Passover and the 4 cups. As a servant of God, I search the scriptures and the information you gave, was very helpful, and I appreciate the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that open my mind, and heart to the meaning of what God was teaching and telling the whole world, and that is get Understanding. Many read God words, but very few understands what God word means in their lives spiritually. Now I understand the cup has more than one purpose and Jesus taken the cup and fulfilled all 4 purposes of the Jewish Passover.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the article and that you got so much out of it! That always makes my heart happy!

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