1. I’m so thankful that he is faithful even when we are faithless. More and more I appreciate this fact! Thanks for these reminders too that we can depend on him.

  2. Such great wisdom here. Yes, I tend to wander around and make excuses up. I know what mountain I need to climb – GOD has made it obvious. Now to being obedient. Thank you!

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  4. Thanks for sharing, Diane! “When we go through difficult times in life, it can be easy to forget what Adonai has done to sustain us in the past. We often become so hyper-focused on what we are experiencing in the present time.” So true. A good reminder to stop and give thanks for His faithfulness.

  5. Such a really help us and use full information about the faithful forget not this benefits thanks sharing this article

  6. I will remember all of this. Thank you for this article. Maybe, so many people are wondering what are they experiencing and feeling about it, so I decided to share it on my Facebook timeline, hoping that every one of my friends can read and also feel the gratefulness and the love that God gave to us- His Children.

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