1. I believe that God doesn’t get angry at our complaining, but he does get upset when we do take our complaints and disappointments to others instead of to him. While I do think that God wants us to look for the joy in our life and situations, I do also believe that he wants for us to have a real relationship with him, including sharing our sorrows, disappointments, etc. In the examples you used, the complaints were not taken to God. Instead they were shared with others in God’s presence, which did make him angry.

    1. Exactly!! You nailed it on the head! Having complaints is fine except when we take it to people instead of Him AND unless our complaining is coming from a place of ingratitude (as was the case with the Israelites who complained every time God did something else for them!)! Thank you!

  2. Diane – great post – It’s so true – we must learn from our mistakes and move forward. No more complaining, blame shifting, or running, but face them head on so we don’t repeat them. Thanks for the linkup too 🙂

  3. Wonderful post. I remember reading the story of the Israelites one day and realizing that God takes our complaining very seriously. That was an eye opener. And it helped me with my complaining. Sometimes I think our society encourages us to complain. And that is not good. Complaining can make us momentarily make us feel good, but it hasn’t solved our problem.

  4. How much do we need to remember that we are shaped by our past, but through Christ, we’re not defined by it! first time visitor. thanks for good stuff here!

  5. I love this – if we keep complaining we will stay stuck. Love the reminder to turn to God with our problems and stop running to others for attention and comfort. You see some people stuck in cycles and you want to encourage them and share this truth, but also doing it with grace. Love the reminder for myself – take it to God first!

  6. Murmuring and complaining just seems to come naturally, doesn’t it! Thanks for a powerful reminder of why we need to focus on the Lord and not what we think should be different.

  7. We have such a tendency to focus on the big or little troubles instead of the big and little blessings. We need to retrain what we notice and focus on. God showers us with blessings every day.

  8. OUCH! I’m a murmurer. Going to need to go before God about that one. Also, thanks for featuring Warrior Women!

    1. My pleasure!! It’s a fabulous course!! And I think war binders are so powerful for our prayer lives!

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