Messianic Passover Seder – Learning the Elements of the Seder for Believers

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This audio message is Part 1 of the series on the Messianic Passover Seder. In this message, I will go over the Passover Seder in general, along with some of the main elements!

Celebrating Passover as a Christian - The Seder Part One

Why Celebrating the Messianic Passover Matters for Believers

If you have not yet visited the post, The Passover and Why Does It Concern the Christian, please visit that page before moving on to this message.

Celebrating the Passover as a believer is new to most people! That post will give you information on WHY this even matters to you as a believer, as well as a little background on what Passover is! Knowing why celebrating Passover as a believer is even something you should consider, knowing how Jesus and the Passover are interconnected, is so important!

That post has an audio message that will explain what Passover is, how you can see the Biblical Feasts fulfilled in the New Testament and how it is a picture of God’s plan for us as believers!

Passover is a beautiful picture of the Messiah, Jesus the Passover Lamb! He is called “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the word” by John the Baptist in John 1:29

There is so much richness in the Passover for the believer in Yeshua and in the Seder celebration. Without knowing the WHY of Passover as a believer, the HOW won’t make as much sense!

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What is a Haggadah?

Celebrating Passover as a believer in Yeshua for the first time does not have to be difficult at all! In fact, there are many tools that make it quite simple!

If you would like to celebrate the Passover in your home, I have linked some Passover items below, including a Messianic Passover Haggadah, which is essentially the order of service. It is a valuable tool for celebrating the Passover in your home!

The Haggadah, which means ‘telling’, is the text recited at the Seder on the first two nights of the Jewish Passover. It includes a narrative of the Exodus and is a script for all at the table to follow the order of the Seder. It contains the outline for the Seder, the prayers said,songs sung, blessings, stories, etc.

The Haggadot (plural of Haggadah) should be available for all at the table to follow.

There are many different kinds of Haggadot, but I have linked to my favorite!

I have added some images below that are referenced in the audio! There are also links below to other Messianic Jewish posts that may interest you!

Enjoy the audio message!

NOTE: In the audio, I start off saying this is part two of the series but that is part two of the overall series (with part one being the previous post I referenced above), however, it is part one of the Seder messages.  So don’t worry, it is the right audio 🙂

For a transcript of the audio for the hearing impaired, download here.



The images below accompany the audio broadcast for your reference!

The Matzah

What is Passover and why does it concern the Christian -

The Parsley

What is Passover and why does it concern the Christian -

The Seder Plate

Jewish Roots of the Faith: The Passover Seder - How the elements of the Jewish festival of Passover are a picture of Jesus and our faith -




  1. We aren’t jewish but one year we gathered with friends and re-enacted this jewish tradition. Wanted to learn more and understand what it was all about. Totally enjoyed the evening.

    1. Many Christians (like myself) celebrate it now since it pictures Jesus throughout…it is a beautiful tradition!

  2. I’ve done a simplified version of this with my children before, but I’d like to teach them about the Passover in more detail now that they’re getting a little older. Beautiful post!

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