1. What a great post. It’s good to keep in mind both what we’re free from and free to, and to use our freedoms for His purposes.

  2. Freedom to and Freedom from! So thankful!
    And it’s great to hear from Diane’s husband!

  3. You know my current situation and this was so timely. We are given freedom from so many things. I need to go to His Word and pray over these verses. Thank you!

  4. Wonderful timely post, Diane. There is even more anxiety and fear now than usual due to the pandemic and the protests. Thank you for the good reminder that trusting in the Lord gives us freedom FROM.

    1. Thanks Lauren! Yes it was great to have him write for me! He has done it for my other site (Faithful CEOs) but this is the first time he has written for WBR!

  5. Diane,

    How wonderful to hear from your husband and a perfect time to talking about freedom. Maree

  6. Great post! I think you nailed it. Fear is driven out only in putting our trust in God and knowing that he will take care of us. That is true freedom. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Such fresh insight. Love the thought that we have freedom FROM so many things that often cause us inner turmoil: fear, anxiety, death, and more.

    1. Amen! We often don’t think that way in our modern world. Too many times we think of what we are free to do! Thank you Karen!

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