Messianic Passover Seder – Passover for Believers in Yeshua

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If you are attending a Messianic Passover Seder for the first time or if you are Christian hosting a Seder for your Messianic Jewish friends, you may not know where to begin! What do you need? How do you know the order of the Seder? It can all seem a little overwhelming, even for those of us who have done them year after year!

And I know Passover in 2022 might still look a little different but you can still make it a beautiful occasion for all. Maybe your synagogue is hosting an online event or maybe your church is wanting to learn more about what the Passover is all about!

So in this post, I will be recommending the basic products you can purchase for your home to host a Seder each year for Passover, including virtually, whether you are a Messianic Jew or a Christian wanting to learn more!

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Passover Seder for Christian Families- Should Christians Celebrate Passover?

Many people tend to think of Passover as a Jewish holiday, and it is but it is so much more than that! 

It is one of the seven Biblical festivals and one Jesus Himself (Yeshua) not only observed but went on to fulfill in His work of redemption on the cross.

I recently wrote a series of posts on the Messianic (of the Messiah) Passover and the Passover Seder for believers in Jesus! In those posts I go into why you should celebrate a Christian Passover Seder and I also write (and speak) about the elements of the Christian Passover Seder as well.

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You will find the links to those posts at the end of this post!

I believe you will discover Jesus in a whole new way when you celebrate the Passover! You can also use this time to fast and pray that God show you any leaven (which is symbolic of sin) in your life!

I pray you will learn to love the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread the way I do!

In this post, I am recommending the basic products you can purchase for your home to host a Seder each year for Passover! Click To Tweet

Products for a Passover Seder for Messianic or Christian Families

Products for a Messianic Passover or a Passover Seder for Christian Families

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