Monthly Bible Reading Plan

Here is where I will be sharing with you our monthly Bible reading plan each month with a different theme that pertains to our faith. These plans will have daily verses that will be focused on that month’s theme. For instance, my very first theme for August, 2021 is Spiritual Warfare!

The purpose behind these monthly Bible reading plans is that you not only read the verse(s) but to look at the verses around it, learn more about the context and dive into the history a bit so we fully understand what was going on at the time. It is also good to know who it is who is speaking and who is being spoken to, as well as the occasion and purpose of the writing or speaking going on.

What is occasion and purpose? Well, an occasion in your life of a visit to a family member’s home might be a birthday. The purpose might be to go and celebrate and bring a gift. So it is important to know this type of thing in scripture as well.

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Try to write the daily verse in a war binder or whatever you use as a prayer journal. Writing scripture has can help you memorize it and adding it to a war binder or prayer journal can help you formulate it into a prayer that you can pray when you need it.

All current and previous monthly Bible reading plans will be posted on this page. I will leave them up so you can access them should you need another copy.

The Bible reading plans are posted right before the last week of the month for the next month.

If you have any recommendations for a theme or topic you’d like to see covered, please email me at

Your Monthly Bible Reading Plan

October 2021 – Healing

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Healing Bible Verses - Monthly Bible Reading Plans

September 2021 – Taking a Few Moments Each Day to Worship & Praise

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September Bible Verses to Worship & Praise

August 2021 – Spiritual Warfare

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Bible verses for the month on Spiritual Warfare