Welcome to Grow With Grace Homesteading!

In this new section of the blog, I will be posting about, and helping people learn (and sharing my own mishaps along the way!!)…

Homesteading of course!
Baking bread
Growing a garden in a cold climate
Knitting and crocheting our own hats, scarves, blankets, etc.
Cricut Crafts
Sewing and Quilting
Canning sauces, salsa, and jams/preserves, etc
Making goat’s milk soap (I do this now and it is the best soap ever!)
Caring for chickens
and much more

Anyone can do homesteading! In fact, it is simply living a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, as much as possible! You can do this whether you have an acre, 20 acres or even an urban apartment!

It is all about doing what you can with what you have and being as creative as possible!

And that is what I am going to be doing on this section of the site!

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