Welcome to the Beginners Course: Hebrew for Christians and Messianic Jews!

This page will no longer add new lessons as we move to our new course format.  I will keep these lessons here for now for your convenience.

In our new course we will be offering a casual learning atmosphere where you can learn Hebrew and further your Biblical studies! 



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This page now houses all the lessons in the course for beginners and new lessons will be added here and to the blog as well!




Bible Study Methods - 7 Ways in 7 Days


Hebrew for the Christian – Lessons for Beginners

(Old Course Lessons – Not Part of the New Course)


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10 Thoughts on “Hebrew for Christians and Messianic Jews”

  • Hi,
    This sounds very interesting. I grew up in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood and had the pleasure of going to Hebrew school many times. Now I wish I had paid closer attention. As a Bible study leader, I’ve led a Passover seder….I love melding our Hebrew heritage into our Christian beliefs. After all, we are the ones who have been grafted in. I’d love to learn more….add me to the class.
    Bev xx

    • Thank you Bev!! Actually all you need to do for the lessons is go to the page! As of right now, because it is new and I was just testing it out previously to see if there was an interest, all I am doing is posting a new lesson every week or two (depending on hoidays, illnesses, etc!). So if you just subscribe to the blog in the right sidebar you will get notified when a new lesson is posted! Other than that you just go at your own pace! And you can also join the new Facebook group as well for more stuff! The link in on the page!

  • i grew up in a christian predominantly neighborhood and attended christian schools and religion before i joined a Jewish religion,but i have many confusing teachings which i don’t know the one to believe Eg,the coming of the messiah,some said he had come some said he has come (2) who is Yashua and who is Jesus

    • Yeshua and Jesus are the same person. Yeshua is His name in Hebrew. It is what He was called during His life. Jesus is the English version. Sort of like Juan being Spanish for John.
      I would say really study the Scriptures and see what they speak to you. A great book to read is Betrayed by Stan Tilchin. That might help you given your background. It helped me a lot.
      But pray and let God speak truth to you! Jesus didn’t come to form a new religion. He was a Jew. He lived as one and died as one. He is the Jewish Messiah! God bless and email me at [email protected] if you want to discuss further.
      God is clearly speaking into your heart!

  • I am so excited that you are teaching beginner Hebrew! I just told my husband this past week that I would really love to learn to further my studies in scripture. Yeshua answered my prayer!

    • I’m so glad Kim!! I’m going to be starting up some new lessons shortly. We’re just getting settled into our new house and trying to get some renovations done so I’m kind of in flux but I’ll be starting up with new lessons soon!!

    • That’s awesome! There’s the Facebook group too that goes along with it so feel free to join! I’ll be adding some new lessons starting in August!

  • I am half-Jewish.My nana was a Jewess. I found out from my aunt that the family had kept it hidden through fear, even converting to Christianity. Apparently we are from the tribe of Benjamin. I always have felt Jewish and am drawn to Judaism. If I wasn’t so sure that Jesus is the Messiah, I would convert to Judaism in a heartbeat. I would love to learn Hebrew. Thank you for offering to teach it. Blessings, Glenys

    • I am so glad that you are interested in learning Hebrew! It is really fascinating to learn so I do hope you join us! I will be putting the form up on the website soon to sign up for free!

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