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Artza Box Unboxing and Review

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I was recently given the opportunity to review the fabulous Artza Box! Artza Box is a quarterly subscription box that comes to your home from the Holy Land; Israel. In it you will find some amazing, artisan products with each having a special theme. So join me as we explore the Artza Premium Box I received with Bethlehem being the location theme!

While I did receive a box to review and show to my readers, I was in no other way compensated for this review. I am sharing my experience unboxing this live so my review is my own opinion and I was not paid to endorse the product

An image of the Artza Box Bethlehem subscription box and text that says Artza Box Unboxing and Review - Bring Some of the Holy Land Home

What is Artza Box?

Artza is Hebrew for “towards the Land” and they selected this name because they wanted to convey a sense of coming ‘towards the land’ of Israel right in the comfort of your own home!

Here I share an unboxing of the Bethlehem Artza Box with you so you can see it as I explored (with great anticipation) the contents!

Here I share an unboxing of the Bethlehem Artza Box with you so you can see it as I explored the contents! Click To Tweet

My Review of Artza Box

After the unboxing, which obviously is brief out of necessity, I had a chance to explore each of the items and I have to say I am SO impressed with the beauty and quality of all the artisans’ work.

The postcards were one of my favorite items. Each had a beautiful black and white scene from Israel, from Eilat to Jerusalem and much more! I already have some picked out that we are going to frame and put up in our house.

Another one of my favorites (as if I could choose…they are ALL wonderful) was the plate from Bethlehem. It is so beautiful!

Of course, the chocolate is not shabby either! I am never one to turn down good Israeli candy!!

Speaking of Israeli candy, I am a HUGE fan of Halvah which is like a delicious sesame/tahini fudge-like candy (for lack of a better way to describe it). Our friends bring some over for us all the time when they come for Shabbat dinner (in fact I have some delicious marble Halvah in my kitchen right now that they brought over for Hanukkah)! So I was so excited to see the halvah butter and cannot wait to whip up a batch of cookies with it!

What I enjoyed most about the box was the connection to the artisans and to the land of Israel.

As a Messianic Jew, these products made me feel closer to my homeland and I cannot tell you how moving it was to look through those postcards I mentioned earlier and seeing all those special moments that mean so much to me and my heritage.

I cannot recommend this subscription enough. I was truly amazed at the quality and the care that went into each artisan creation.

Learn More About Artza Box

What Comes in Your Artza Box?

  • A curated box of artisan products from the Holy Land
  • You will get a variety of products like unique foods , gifts and content that explores modern and ancient Israel
  • Your box will include products the whole family will love, from tasty treats, hand-crafted soaps and beauty products, custom spice mixes, unique games and more
  • Premium boxes will contain 1-2 items more per quarter than the regular Artza Box

Your box will ship within 7-10 days from checkout and you will be billed again either quarterly or annually, depending on which option you chose!

Watch this video to learn more and if you want to get your very own, use the Artza box coupon code DIANE15 to receive a 15% discount at checkout!

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