1. I especially love this emphasis: “If anything that we are hearing or any leading we are getting is contrary to His Word, it is not from God.” Since my son has been job-seeking, verses about God’s leading have been coming up in my reading from all different sources. The “nos” have been discouraging, but just confirmation that those weren’t the right steps. As we seek Him in His word, we can trust in His guidance. As you so well said, we get it wrong sometimes, but He is gracious and patient.

    1. I can so relate to that Barbara! We have gone through a similar situation and each no was so discouraging but when the yes came, we could see why all those no’s were there!!

  2. Grateful for this truth today, Diane, and especially in our role as parents, we need to be reminded of all the times God has forgiven and redeemed our bad choices.

  3. Diane, I love the thought that “God rewards obedience and faith with promise!” When we look at the examples of people in the Bible you noted, and other passages of Scripture, it is clear God desires our obedience. And obedience to His voice and commands is always for our good and His glory.

  4. I love the way you explain obedience to God. It’s not easy. But it’s possible, and when that’s our aim, instead of our own plans, it becomes more obvious and more direct.

  5. Oh, friend! You know how I’m struggling now. I think this may be a lesson for me to get back on track and be obedient to the God Who Can! Thank you!

    1. I know and I am continuing to pray for you!! God CAN and WILL! It may not look like what we have mapped out but we look back and see it was the best!

  6. Knowing when to go and where to go is definitely an act of discernment AND an act of obedience. Thanks for sharing the meaning behind the words.

  7. Listening with a heart toward obedience is an act of love and trust. I just need to be quiet enough to hear.

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