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Best Christian Planners For Women in 2021

Christian Planners are a necessity these days, with managing prayer time, Bible study, work, kids’ activities (at least when kids’ activities get back to normal!), and appointments. I don’t know where I would be without my planner and my reminders on my phone! So I am sharing some of my favorite Christian planners (and for Messianic Jews too…after all, we are Christ followers too!) for this upcoming year, as well as others that I have seen great reviews on so that you can find the one that best suits you and your busy life all in one convenient place!

What Are Christian Planners?

Christian planners are where you can track and accomplish your Bible study and prayer goals, ensuring you set time aside for it but also tracking what you are studying and any prayer requests/praise reports and keep the Lord first in your life. It is also a place where you can keep your personal and family schedule and stay on task in life!

So without further ado (I always love saying that), let’s get into some great Christian planners in no particular order (they are all great!)

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Worth Beyond Rubies FREE Planner

Ok so I had to slip this one in first because you’re here already and it’s FREE!

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I created this planner for the entire year AND the best part is it’s reusable! You can just fill it in each year and have a planner that you can use over and over again! You can schedule any activities on this planner, from work to prayer time AND there is a section to plan home-related tasks as well.

So if you are looking for a free planner, get yours below!

Ok so now to the list of Christian planners you can purchase!

Christian Planners for 2021

I am sharing some of my favorite Christian planners for this upcoming year to help you manage your Bible study and prayer time, as well as your daily schedule! Click To Tweet

Hope Planners by Hopefuel

Hopefuel makes a Christian planner that will help women not only get organized in their busy lives but find new ways to ignite their faith and grow in their walk with the Lord.

The Hope Planner helps you make time for your faith like you make time for tasks and appointments.

  • Never forget your quiet time for scripture study and prayer journaling
  • Scribble all the to-dos of life
  • Keep track of your schedule
  • Record your monthly projects & goals
  • Take Sermon notes every Sunday
  • Stay centered in Christ, while chasing your dreams
  • Available in Daily and Weekly Editions (the daily edition is for 6 months and the weekly is one year)
An image of the Hopeful Planner by Hopefuel, opened up to a page in the Christian planners
An image of the Hopeful Planner by Hopefuel, opened up to a page in the Christian planners

Spiritual Seeds Planner 2021

What I love about these planners is that they focus on fruit! Yes…fruit of the Spirit that is!

With an overall goal of living a Spirit filled life, each month they focus on a different fruit of the Spirit. This makes this planner different from the others I have investigated!

Spiritual Seeds partners with the Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge supporting their commitment to seeing people freed from life controlling issues through the power of Jesus.

Both Adult and Teen Challenge students dedicate twelve months to transforming their lives.

A Spiritual Seeds Planner provides students a place to plan their days and record their journeys.

When you purchase a Teen Challenge Package, they will donate a planner to a  student!  And as a special thank you, your order will include a free Fruit of the Spirit Tote bag, notepad, pencil case and pens.

Do you have some favorite Christian planners? Share it in the comments and I might feature it here!

And be sure to get your FREE ACTS Prayer Method Workbook below as my gift to you!

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