1. I can so relate to this! I had missed this post last week, so I’m super glad Aimee featured it this week on Grace and Truth!

  2. Wonderful words of wisdom! Thank you for sharing with Grace & Truth. Can’t wait to see as Aimee’s featured post. Maree

  3. I can’t tell you how much I relate to this. It is spot on, and exactly the words I needed to hear today!

  4. This truly gets out so much of how I feel at times. Letting go of control is so hard for me..like I need God to tell me what He plans to do so I can prepare accordingly. I spend so much time in my own way. Thank you for sharing so openly about your own struggles and some truths about how to live with God directing the way.

  5. I used to spend so much time casting down imaginations. I was trying to bring my obedience in instead of realize that Jesus obeyed, and it was mostly the accuser of the brethren that was causing me to think I was to blame for everything that went wrong.

  6. Diane, thank you so much for this post. My daughter deals with anxiety and so much you said is true about her struggle. It is like her head is filled with so much that is not true, but she has convinced herself it is true. I am going to share these verses with her.

    1. I’m so sorry she deals with anxiety!! But I’m happy that the post might be something she can find encouragement in!!!

  7. This is a great post on our thought life. I think you’ve covered everything! My favorite line was; “Because worry is actually faith in the wrong thing!” Love that! It’s so true; but I’d really not thought of it in that way before.

  8. Thank you, Diane, for this list of Scripture about tearing down strongholds. I have to wonder if this current situation we all find ourselves in is not God working in us to tear down some strongholds. Great post!


    Thank you for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

  9. I am blessed indeed to come across this post. I learnt a lot and I hope to learn more of God here.
    More grace!

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