Breaking the spirit of fear - a blonde woman looking worried

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Fear! It is something all of us deal with at some point or another in our lives. For some of us, fear can become a constant companion. We can seem to live with a spirit of fear that appears to feed upon itself, growing stronger with time. Breaking the spirit of fear first involves facing your fears, which is never an easy thing for us to do!

A trip to the dentist is always a good example!

Breaking the spirit of fear - a blonde woman looking worriedThis page/post may contain affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, as well as an affiliate of other programs, this means if you purchase something using these links, I will receive a commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you! For more detailed information, please visit our Affiliate Disclaimer page

Fear of the Dentist

I climbed up into the dentist’s chair and the hygienist placed that ridiculous blue bib around my neck. I could see it move up and down with each beat of my heart! Each beat a silent plea to get up out of that chair and run, run for the hills.

But no, I sat.

The comprehensive torture exam took about an hour and a half.

Now, I thought it was about as bad as it could get, with all the poking and prodding (who was the first person who thought it was a good idea to stick a hook in someone’s mouth??), but then I found out I needed FIVE, yes five, fillings and one root canal!


Sedation dentistry, party of one?




Breaking the Spirit of Fear – Why Am I So Fearful?

I booked my appointments and ran; ran as fast as I could before someone chased me down to tell me they forgot something!!

So why, you ask, would I need five fillings (4 for cavities and one for a chipped tooth) and a root canal?  I actually DO take really good care of my teeth.

I’ll tell you why.  It is because I had not stepped foot into a dentist’s office in FIVE years!

Yep, five years. Now, I am fortunate. Since I DO take such good care of my teeth they won’t need to be scraped to eternity and beyond when they are cleaned. My hygienist was at least happy to see they were nice and clean.

So why five years if I take such good care of my teeth, well, except for the apparent sweet tooth (hence the cavities)? I had neglected breaking the spirit of fear in my life where this was concerned. Not just this, but many other fears! Fear kept me from going to the dentist to take care of smaller issues and that fear created larger ones.



Breaking the Spirit of Fear – Irrational Fear

An unrealistic, paranoid type of fear that makes ZERO sense when you think about it.

I have never, in all the years I have been to the dentist, had pain during a visit. And I have had a root canal!!

I don’t fear the after-pain which comes with having a tooth pulled or anything like that. I fear pain during the process. And it has never happened.

This fear of the dentist is irrational for me. It is not something I have always experienced. It has only been recently in the past 10 years or so. But it has kept me from going to take care of my teeth the way I should.

A lot of our fears are irrational and make no sense. They are meant to cripple us and keep us from doing the things we need to do.

After a while, we begin to avoid those things in order to not have to face the fear, which then only makes the fear loom larger because we usually end up having a worse situation to face when we finally HAVE to do it (like me at the dentist).


The longer I avoided the dentist’s chair the more I feared going.  


Breaking the Spirit of Fear – Fear Avoidance

Most of our fears do just that; avoidance of what we fear makes the fear greater because our imagination kicks in and shows us ALL the things that COULD happen.

Then what happens? Instead of going to the dentist and caring for my teeth the way I should, I now have to have LOTS of dental work that needs to be done.

Makes no sense does it?

If I want to avoid the dental work I am so afraid of, why not take care of the teeth by going to the……oh you get it!

But that is what fear does! It cripples us in the here and now! Breaking the spirit of fear seems out of our grasp! It feels too large a battle for us.

It is all a lie! It’s a lie designed to cause us to be inactive and inefficient.

What if people laugh at me?

What if it hurts?

Maybe they won’t like me?

What if I don’t succeed?

I might lose church members?

What if God can’t use me?



Breaking the Spirit of Fear – Fear is Not of God

But it is all imaginings! It is all torturous worry over something that probably won’t ever happen.

This does not come from God. The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 1:7:


For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (NKJV)


Fear is not of God. Fear is a tactic of the enemy to keep us inactive!

It puts us in a stance of avoidance, which only makes the situation worse or only causes us to fear it more!

It makes us ineffective and there is nothing more the enemy loves than an ineffective church!

What’s worse is it is all worldly, fleshly fear! We worry about being liked, being accepted, not being ridiculed, not experiencing pain!

It’s all about ME!


Breaking the Spirit of Fear – Paralyzed by Fear and Anxiety

The church today in America is, in a lot of ways, paralyzed by society.

We fear speaking out in truth because we don’t want to face the pain of being labeled.

We remain silent because of the backlash! The church fears society will call us bigots, intolerant, judgmental. We fear sharing our faith with friends and family because they may distance themselves from us.


So, we remain silent. We let fear cripple us!

Or worse, we compromise!

We begin to make excuses for it!

Some re-interpret scripture to make it fit society’s views rather than God’s views out of fear of pushing people away!

We FEAR being labeled so we preach a feel-good Gospel that EVERYONE will want to hear, meanwhile souls are lost because they think salvation is all about being your best YOU, rather than surrendering all of YOU to HIM! Churches worry more about packing pews than speaking truth!



We fear spreading the Word out of fear of being called a “Bible Thumper”!

There’s a fear of speaking truth for fear of being called an intolerant Christian!



Fear is what the enemy uses to cause us to be lukewarm rather than on fire! Jesus never worried about tiptoeing around people or offending anyone!


“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness.” Matthew 23:27 (ESV)


Not exactly the most “PC” of comments huh?




Breaking the Spirit of Fear – Lack of Trust in God

I fear going to the dentist because I don’t trust him enough to not hurt me.

I fear telling a friend about my faith because I don’t trust them to love me even if they don’t agree with me.

There is fear about posting about my faith on social media because I don’t trust people enough to not label me.

Fear of posting a convicting blog post because I don’t trust people want truth!

I worry about my problems and I fear the outcomes because I don’t trust God will answer my prayers!


FEAR is not of God!




Breaking the spirit of fear means we need to do it afraid!

We need to realize it is just a FEELING and FEELINGS can and do lie!

We need to realize fear is distrust disguised!

Do we care about our feelings or do we care about what is right?



Do it Afraid!

I need to go to the dentist even if I am afraid, or else my teeth are going to rot out of my mouth!!

And as I go, and as I realize it is not all that bad, I will go more often, and my overall experience will get better because I won’t need all that work.

And as we as a church become bolder and do it afraid, we will realize God can and will give us the added measure of confidence and faith to go even further and stand for His truth!

Not fearing backlash! Not fearing worldly opinions! Forgetting about fearing labels! Not fearing empty pews! Just truth!!

As we trust God more and step out in faith rather than fear, if we trust He DOES answer our prayers according to His will and has our best interest at heart and doesn’t desire to cause us pain, we defeat the enemy more and more with each step!

What ways has scripture helped you deal with fear and face it head on?  Share in the comments!

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Scripture quotations are from The ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.




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Diane is a wife and mom, a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus) and yes, a blogger. In addition to owning Worth Beyond Rubies, she also co-owns other sites such as Faithful CEOs which helps Christian bloggers and businesses, Hot Flashy Faith which is a site for women over 40 and everything important to them, and Women of Worth Café another site for Christian women with Bible studies, devotions and the Jewish roots of the faith. Diane lives in BEAUTIFUL Northwestern Connecticut and when she is not blogging, you will find her spending time with her husband and kiddos out on their little mini-farm.

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    Angie Jelinek

    I love the dentist example!! I hate the dentist also!! Fear is something holding us back but we need to go and do it just like the dentist!! Love it!!


    I am always afraid of something. Lately it goes much better, as I meditate a lot and I also need to be brave for my daughter. I noticed also that my fears get stronger when I’m surrounded by many atheists friends. In a way, I would be terrified to be on this Planet, without my faith. So maybe fear is very connected to our faith.

    Nicole Kauffman

    Great truths here! Fear really does keep us inactive!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    April at LoveOurRealLife

    Fear is so debilitating! I’m constantly talking to my children about facing their fears, yet I continue to struggle as well. Great encouragement!

    Sarah @ Freedom is Hers

    Oh, this is GOOD!!!!! I have been guilty of ALL OF THIS and I am walking out of it!!! Thank you for a wonderful article and an incredible reminder!!! 🙂

    Brooke Bolen

    I have a bracelet that reads ” Faith over Fear”. Although I know that fear is not trusting in God, it can still be so hard to not have fear. This bracelet reminds me of having more faith than fear. Thank you!


    I have a friend that deals with fear often and I think you have some great information to share. Thanks…

    Julie Plagens

    Ugh. I am so sorry you have to do all that dental work. I have the same feeling about getting a mammogram. I am so scared of having breast cancer that I don’t want to go. So…I don’t go. As believers, we are told so many times in the Bible not to fear. It’s so true. I don’t want to be ridiculed so I don’t speak out when I should. I get my feelings hurt easily. Enjoyed your blog!


    everytime I face my fear and do it anyway, I discover a new form of strength that I never knew I had. Beautifully written.


    Love this… terrified of dentist and SO many things!

    Karla | Traveller Soul

    Do you believe in signs from above? I had been asking in prayer to help me get rid of a few fears and one of them is also going to see the dentist ? I too have waited far too long to get a check up and need to feel the fear and do it anyway as I’m in a bit of pain. I’ve had previous experiences where I cried while in the dentist chair due to the extractions and other work. As I have gotten older I’ve developed different types of (irrational) fears which surprise me as I used… Read more »