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Do you ever feel like people just seem to look right through you, whether in person or online? Why do I feel invisible and lonely in this age of social media which is supposed to be, well…social?

Sometimes the words just want to escape my mouth or get pounded out on my keyboard, ”do you even see me??” It could be in a room full of people, at work, it could be on social media, in groups on Facebook.

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Why Do I Feel Invisible? Do You See Me?

There are so many times I feel invisible, as if I just blend in with the crowd. It makes me feel lacking, uninteresting, dull, ordinary.  It makes me feel as though there is nothing outstanding about me. I just blend. It makes me feel unwanted, unloved, unaccepted.

Why do I feel invisible when I am surrounded by people?

Comparison Trap

I am a new blogger and I fall into the comparison trap.

I don’t compare myself to more established bloggers, because I expect them to be way ahead of where I am. However, I do have a tendency (even though I try not to) to look at bloggers who are also newWhy Do I Feel Invisible? - Do You See Me? 2 and think “What am I missing? Is there something they are doing that I am not? What is it about them that I am lacking? Why are they getting attention and promotion? Am I really just THAT unlikable?”

I mean, I think I am a nice person???

It leaves me feeling totally inadequate.

The Enemy Wants Me to Feel the Fear of Inadequacy

The enemy wants me to fear I am not cut out for what I am doing. He wants me to compare and wants me to doubt my calling. He wants me to pack it in.

The attacks will make me feel invisible. He will make me base my worth and value on mere popularity.

It’s like being in high school again, wondering why all the cool kids don’t like you as much as others! It’s a tactic to make you just slowly back down and not try because over time you feel like no one is listening anyway.

People ARE listening!

It’s a warfare tactic!! It’s a lie!! He will make me believe numbers determine my worth. He wants me to think that likes and comments on posts are indicative of my value! That if people don’t respond to me the way they do to someone else it means I am not liked and not worthy!

However the feeling is very real. Knowing it is an attack doesn’t always make it hurt less when we feel overlooked.


Why Do I FEEL Invisible? – Those Feelings Again!

I think we all sometimes feel as if we are wallflowers. And it could very well be that at times, we are. But those times could be our own doing. When I start to feel like I’m invisible I can sometimes retreat more and that just adds to that feeling.

And that is what he wants. He wants us to focus on our FEELINGS.

He wants us to FEEL offended, FEEL hurt, FEEL left out. Feelings are not reality! They are just feelings! And our feelings can and DO lie!

Those feelings can then lead to despondency. They can lead to us believing no one cares. They could lead to depression.

Feelings may lie but they are very real!


Grace Goals by Arabah Joy


Social Media Loneliness

Much of this feeling is due to the nature of social media. We can feel alone surrounded by people on our social media platforms.

There are so many “acquaintance-type” relationships we have on social media (being “friends” with people we don’t even really know) that we can often feel lost in the shuffle.

We may have 100 friends and family on Facebook and interact with everyone, but someone else may have 2,000 friends on Facebook and we fall victim to the algorithms. They only see about 7% of what people post and we may not fall into that 7%.

But because WE see everyone on our timeline we think they must also and are just ignoring us, when the reality is they are just not even being shown our posts!

It can cause someone who already feels overlooked in life to feel even more so!

I have a general rule I TRY to follow. I don’t always succeed at it but I try.

Always assume the other person has the best of intentions!

As I said, sometimes it is easier said than done. Sometimes I DO fall prey to the enemy and feel invisible.  But I make an effort to try to believe people I have some sort of relationship with, be it work, blogging, friends, etc., generally have good intentions toward us.


Why Do I Feel Invisible? – Know That God Sees You!

I am not invisible, not to the One who matters. Oh, there are times I feel as if I am. I am sure we have all felt at times like God is not listening or doesn’t want to answer us. I am sure we have all wondered if we somehow missed God and now He is silent. But we are never invisible to Him.


“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV


“So do not fear, for I am with you;
    do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 NIV


“…and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:20 NIV


God Is Always There

These are just a few of the verses that show that God is always there. Sometimes it may seem that He is silentWhy Do I Feel Invisible? - Do You See Me? 4 but that does not mean He does not see us, love us, desire to spend every moment possible with us. It could be because He is telling us to wait, or it could even be us.

It could be He is silent because we failed to go to Him about it. Maybe He is waiting on us. It could be we keep seeking His hand (what He can do for us) and not His face (just spending time with Him).

Perhaps it could be the same with people. Maybe they feel we aren’t reaching out to THEM. Are we responding to our perception and they feel we don’t like THEM.  They may be waiting for you too!

So, when you go through times when you feel invisible, remember that you are always number one to your Father in HeavenWhy Do I Feel Invisible? - Do You See Me? 6.  Seek His face, then we will see He is there just waiting to speak to you! People are flawed. We are all sinners. We all sometimes behave in a way that is unseemly. But God is always faithful. You are never invisible to Him.

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    Nicole Kauffman

    Powerful reminders and truths. Thank you for this post! Very timely 🙂


    the enemy is always working!!! But God got you and he won’t let you down. You are seen and you are important


    I resonate with this post a lot. I am a new blogger too and I often like I am not good enough or I am not interesting enough for people to like me and my content.

    Amy @ Orison Orchards

    I feel this way SO often, and not just on social media, but in real life, too. You’re right that it’s a tactic of Satan. He wants us to feel hurt and retreat. The best thing we can do is paste a big smile on and reach out to other people who look lonely! 🙂 Great post!


    I had these exact thoughts this week!!! Thanks for the encouragement, its so nice knowing I’m not alone!!


    I feel I am in a season of loneliness and it is hard. Especially with social media and you see all these happy photos and you just aren’t feeling that way. Or you feel you are missing out. Great post!


    Oh man, that note about if you only have 100 friends but one of them has 2000+? Hits home. I have multiple friends like that and it’s definitely nice to know that it’s the algorithm’s fault, not those people’s, for not interacting with my posts.

    Kristin Cook

    Yes! This is so true! It is easy to believe our feelings, but our feelings lie so often and we have to make sure our focus is on God and on things that are true, not how we feel. I’ve certainly been there. Like you said, everyone seems to land there at some point or another.


    Such a great, relatable post. I have been blogging for 6 years and barely anyone reads my stuff. But the hardest part for me wasn’t outside people not reading, but the fact that people I know personally and shared my first stuff with (my life story) wouldn’t read it. That hurt. And then I thought I’d “prove them wrong” by posting it anyway and having lots of outside people read it, showing them how readable and valuable it was. But that didn’t happen either. So I had to wrestle with a lot of deep feelings like you talk about. And… Read more »


    Thanks for sharing this powerful message. We do so often feel invisible and as if we don’t matter to others. God sees us. We desire to be known by others, which is a legitimate desire, but many other things (not just including social media) can make us feel glossed over, which the enemy then plays on. This is something close to my heart. I wrote a blog post on this same theme a couple of months back.

    shan walker

    Powerful and truthful words this morning. Thank you! 🙂

    Lauren Sparks

    I often feel unseen and very lonely. Thank you for the encouragement this important message brings. Visiting you today from the fresh market friday link up. laurensparks.net

    Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones

    Why shouldn’t we feel invisible? After all, we serve an invisible God and He is ignored. I used to say that a lot. I read a lot of blogs, do my best not compare or let numbers matter, and Heather was right, knowing your family won’t read it hurts, but God has blessed me to help others, so just keep writing.

    Deb Wolf

    Amen, Diane! I try really hard not to fall into the comparison trap … it’s never beneficial. But those times when I do – yep, I fall for the lie every time. My goal is to keep reminding myself that I write for an audience of One. My heart’s desire is to give Him glory and use my efforts as He wills. When I remember, that’s where my peace lies! Blessings! Love this!

    Sara @ The Holy Mess

    This is such a powerful post and such an important, beautiful reminder. I think at times many (all) of us feel lonely and invisible. Yet God values us so much and that is what matters! It’s easy in our social media world to feel like we don’t measure up. Thanks for sharing your heart.