1. All too often I miss God in the day to day things of life. Thanks for this reminder to begin finding God all around. In the whisper especially 😉 It was great finding you on the grace and truth link up!

  2. Oh, that comparison trap, indeed! So true. Why do we do that to ourselves? God made each of us with our own unique personality and we each find Him in our own way. Finding God in everything, everywhere is what I want to achieve. That way, we don’t limit Him to a small box that we take out only on Sundays.

    1. Amen Laurie!! I am so good at doing that too and it is something I really have to watch because the enemy just feeds on my tendency to compare!!

  3. I love that, Diane —> finding God in the whispers… Beautiful! Thank you for these encouraging words today.


    Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

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