Bright Shiny Objects - Getting Distracted a s Blogger

How to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused as a Blogger

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Bright shiny objects! As a blogger, especially when you are a new blogger, you get really excited about new opportunities. For me, I began doing book reviews and, I just love it! I love reading and I love helping authors out by reviewing their work. But distractions can quickly overwhelm you and make you feel like you can’t keep up! Find out how to overcome distractions and stay focused as a blogger!


How to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused



Bright Shiny Objects

I mentioned book reviews and I get SO excited when I get an email from an author asking me to do a review for them. For a new blogger, it feels like promotion! It’s like you think, “God is using me! People are contacting ME! I am doing more than just writing to encourage people! God is using me in other ways too!”

But, the problem is that those things can become that bright, shiny object. You know, I am a girly girl and I love shiny, sparkly things! GlitterHow to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused as a Blogger 2? Yeah, give me all the glitter! I am all about it!!

So, when an author contacts me and asks me to do a review for them, I get excited!! It’s what I have been wanting to do!! But then I look at my plate and next thing I know, I have five books to review and another author will contact me and I’ll be like “YAY!! Yeah, I’ll do it!!” It looks good. It seems like a great opportunity!

Bright, shiny objects.


How to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused

But what happens with those things that look good to us at that moment is they will eventually make us feel overwhelmed.

They will bog us down so that we don’t have time to write.

We get so caught up in creating THINGS to help our blogs, that we become to busy to actually blog!

We become distracted from what we felt called to doHow to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused as a Blogger 3 in the beginning. Overcoming distractions and staying focused on what we are called to do (not just what looks fun or what makes us feel good) is so important for a blogger.

Yep, bright, shiny objects make us lose focus. We often don’t know how to overcome distractions and stay focused on blogging or anything else!!


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How to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused – Remember That the Enemy Tempts Us With the Good!

You see, the thing about these bright, shiny objects are, they are good! Trying to earn money to support your ministry is good! Trying to help new authors out is good! Creating things to help new bloggersHow to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused as a Blogger 4 is good! SatanHow to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused as a Blogger 5 is not going to move us with the blatantly bad.

You see, Satan knows I am in a place where he is not going to be able to distract me with obvious temptations or temptations that are overtly bad.

He can’t get me to move away from what I am doing with obvious attacks. He will never be able to tempt me to go rob a bank for instance!

But what he DOES do is dangle that bright, shiny object in front of me. It looks good. It looks GODLY.

And I will jump at it because it does look good!  It APPEARS to be something I should be doing. Why shouldn’t I be creating things to help new bloggers learn the lessons I learned and still learn every day?


How to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused by Knowing Your Calling

It is not what I started blogging for, that is why. I started blogging for an audience of one. I started blogging because I felt God called meHow to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused as a Blogger 6 to it.

And I started blogging for that one person who could be encouraged by my story. It was to help even one person feel like they matter to God.

I started blogging to help lead even one person to Christ.

Knowing your calling and keeping that as a priority in your blogging ministryHow to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused as a Blogger 7 will help you during times you are tempted to take on too much.


The Enemy Loves Excess

All these other things are good things! I am not saying I shouldn’t do them. I am saying that Satan works in the excess department. The enemy LOVES excess!

Think about many of the struggles Christians haveHow to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused as a Blogger 8 with sin! Most of them come from excess. It is the lies of the enemy that tell us if one is good, then wouldn’t more be better?

He can distract us with TOO MUCH. This week I felt myself not even want to sit down and write because I was TOO TIRED.  I am looking at the stack of reviews I need to get done and I am wondering where I will find the time!

I had the best of intentions, but then life happens. My dog gets sick and must go to the vet three times in one week.  The holidays roll around with the endless social obligations.

Life happens along the way and we quickly find out we overcommitted and didn’t leave time for those things life throws our way.

Chasing bright, shiny objects doesn’t leave time for life’s little extras. Too much of a good thing!!


Return to Your First Love

Jesus in RevelationHow to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused as a Blogger 9 spoke to the Church at Ephesus and told them that He knew their WORKS, their LABOR, their PERSEVERANCE! BUT, He had one thing against them; they had left their FIRST LOVE.

He recognized they did it all for HIS name’s sake, but they became focused on other things rather than their first love.

Revelation 2:2-4:

“I know your works, your labor, your patience, and that you cannot bear those who are evil. And you have tested those who say they are apostles and are not, and have found them liars, and you have persevered and have patience, and have labored for My name’s sake and have not become weary.  Nevertheless, I have this against you, that you have left your first love.” (NKJV)

My first love was writing for that audience of one. But works, labor, reviewing books, creating new products, creating giveaways for subscribers; it all took away from my first love. Those bright shiny objects, while appealing, can cause you to get derailed!

So, what do I do?

How do I balance those things I WANT to do along with those things I feel called to do?


How to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused? Prayer is the Answer!

What I have learned is I need to stop and prayHow to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused as a Blogger 10 about each and every opportunity, each and every idea, each and every group or board BEFORE I commit to it. I have to resist the temptation to jump in and say yes to everything! I have to have my goals set and stay on course!

What I need to do is stop and ask the Lord if it is something HE wants me to take on. This ministry is for Him, not myself!

It is His! He is the CEO!

When I feel God is giving me the nod to move forward, then and only then will I accept. You can’t go wrong when you let Him lead your ministry. I had taken mine over.

I handed the reigns back to Him!

Ok I still love bright shiny objects! I will just love them in moderation now and with God’s approval!

Comment below and let me know what bright shiny objects have distracted you in your blogging ministry! And be sure to check out some other posts I have listed below for more on blogging!

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10 thoughts on “How to Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused as a Blogger”

  1. This is a really great post, sis. I have tweeted and pinned 🙂

    It is true that the enemy will exhaust us with various avenues. Sometimes, for me, he will simply wear my mind out with information overload. I’ll think that I know what direction Holy Spirit wants me to take and he will come in and just make me second guess almost everything. “But what if this….” etc.

    Prayer is key, I agree. God has the perfect plan. We need only obey HIm.

    God bless you! I enjoyed reading. Thanks!

  2. Great reminders! For me, the bright, shiny objects are the awards, the challenges, etc. I must concentrate on what I feel called to write, not what someone else wants me to write. Great advice!

  3. A great post. It’s definitely a challenge to stay focused on the calling and deciding where to concentrate your efforts. Thanks for your wisdom.

  4. I love reviewing books and being on launch teams as well. It’s easy to get sidetracked and take on too much isn’t it? I appreciate this post because it reminds me to stay focused.

    1. It is SO easy! I love those things as well! I just have to remember to pray about them first because my tendency is to think I can do it all LOL

  5. Excellent post Diane. I would also say google analytics doesn’t help for type A personalities. I feel driven by numbers which is not my first love. The business of blogging in 2018 seems a bit like slavery-weekly tasks abound and mushroom as the blog grows and if you need to step away for life the numbers go down. I am so glad for all I learned this far in blogging and the people who have reached out to let me know how God used a post to help them. However I am wondering if in this era if blogging is really the best way to reach people. It certainly demands a huge amount of time but I am seeking God for any changes in 2019. His ways are higher than the world’s ways and His wisdom can make something burdensome much lighter. Cheers. Rosemarie

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