1. Thank you!! I think you are right..it may come with age. I never had this problem before when I was younger!!

  2. Depression is a real side effect when you feel like you can’t keep up with life. Giving it to God and setting a watchman is definitely a great strategy. Putting on the armor of God is the way to set a watchman.

  3. Thanks for the great post Diane. I’m glad you went into the Hebrew as well. I completely relate to thinking of everything I can possibly think of at night. My mind seems to be permanently active and has trouble switching off. I think for people like that, where we can allow our thoughts to run rampant, it’s especially important to guard our minds and hearts. I know that I can go down a certain path of thinking about something in a particular way, which then allows the enemy to play on those fears or feelings. It’s really easy for him to stir the pot and get caught in a negative mindset. We need to think on whatever is good, true and lovely, otherwise we can allow these negative thoughts to become toxic and build resentment towards others or God.

    1. Thank you Robert!! Yes!!! I know for me, having anxiety makes it tough when I get into thinking at night because I tend to worry about things that typically never happen!! The enemy loves to use those times!!

  4. Mercy, it is SO TRUE! Coming up with a protection plan AFTER the attack only gets us so far — and we’re always playing catch up. It would be MUCH better if we would think about how to guard our hearts and minds BEFORE Satan decides we’re vulnerable, but we so often think we’re good, that nothing could shake us badly enough to have us questioning our faith. And yet, it does. Something happens that we could never have anticipated, and it brings us to the end of ourselves. Thanks for this reminder, Diane!

    1. Thank you Laura!! I agree!! I think sometimes for me, I get to thinking I need to pray for everyone else and I know other people cover me that I forget I still need to make sure I cover myself!!

  5. You are a trooper for allowing the dogs in your room. I too am a light sleeper. I don’t usually sleep with our dogs, but when we travel, I do. We had one that moves all night long. One night every time she moved I thought she had to go to the bathroom. I was up all night long. One time I was so tired I went out in my pj’s missed the curb, and there I was in the hotel parking lot flat on my back in pj’s I might add grumbling.

    Next time I travel with them, I will remember to pray first and guard my thoughts.

    I too need my sleep.


    1. Oh no!!! I definitely feel your pain (literally)…one of mine is 13 years old and basically blind so I seem to get hurt every time I take him out at night…which thanks to my husband isn’t often!! Yes, we let them sleep in our room because they would be at the door all night if we didn’t! They are both rescues so they are a little needy and they are both 13 so they are old now. But if we ever get more dogs when these guys leave us they will NOT be in our room LOL

  6. I love this! It is so important to be alert and pray before we are spent. I have felt convicted in this area with praying for protection for my family and me lately too, as we watch everything break all around us!
    Are you developing What you pray as a watchman. I’d love to read that too!

  7. I am also a light sleeper and get easily frustrated when I don’t get the sleep I need. I find the enemy strikes the hardest on church days or bible study days. Its so important to know that those are from the devil and fight the thoughts of staying home.

  8. Oh I needed this reminder! I have definitely been letting my guard down lately and need to re-focus my heart on Jesus.

    1. I am so glad you found it encouraging Bailey!! We focus so much on others at times, we can easily forget to make sure WE are protected!

  9. Preaching to my heart tonight with this post! Visiting from Lori Schumaker’s link party and so glad I stopped by. Thank you.

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