1. Diane, this is beautiful! I can identify with what you were saying about making sure I did my prayer time before anything else, but then coming with a mind full of everything else that needs done, ultimately lacking intention and mindfulness. I have been frustrated with my prayer time for a very long time, and I believe Kavanah is the answer! Thank you so much, I always learn so much from you!

    1. Thank you!! I am so glad you enjoyed it Donna! I know exactly what you mean about having that to-do list hanging over you during prayer time because that was so me! Just even being aware of kavanah helps me because even when I am praying my mind can wander. So just being aware of practicing intention makes you more focused and present!

  2. I love this “intentionality” in prayer! I grew up Catholic- rote prayer was all I knew. But while in mass one day, I looked over to see a young woman praying the same prayer as me, but with eyes shut, face towards heaven, and a look of complete serenity on her face. I thought to myself, “that’s what I want.” It took years of learning (or unlearning?) to get to the same place, but what a joy it is. I’ve written many posts on prayer, and have one ready to go next month as well. Prayer is food for my soul!

    1. Yes it IS a joy when you find that place that you can still reach that kavanah, that intentionality, even when reading a prayer (or book of prayer) someone else wrote! Thank you for sharing your experience with it!

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