1. These are such good tips. Obstacles can be frustrating until we remember God has purposes for them, whether to change our direction or wait seeking Him until the way is clear again.

  2. I’m thinking right now about Romans 8 and asking myself if ANYTHING (even a pandemic?) can separate us from the love of God.
    Grateful for today’s reminder here that there is no obstacle too great for God to overcome.

    1. Nothing can! If I could get rid of the actual illness and keep the social isolation right now I would. It is causing so many people to spend time with family, go out for walks and so on! In my town, people are actually putting teddy bears in their windows so the little kids can spot them all when they go for walks with their parents. I am loving how people are coming together in all this! God is definitely coming through!

  3. So timely. And #7 is one I need to keep reminding myself of instead of forging ahead in my own feeble stregnth.

  4. This: “It’s okay to feel what you do when you meet with an obstacle. The key is in not staying there when it’s time to move forward again.” Great advice. We don’t need to run from those feelings, but we don’t need to linger in them either.

    1. Amen! So many times we believe it is wrong to feel a certain way! Those feelings are perfectly normal! We just cannot let them consume us! Thank you Lisa!

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