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Why You Keep Repeating the Same Mistakes In Life

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Have you ever wondered why you go through the same problems over and over again? Have you thought about why, like the children of Israel, you seem to keep walking around that same old mountain and repeating the same mistakes? There IS an answer!

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Repeating the Same Mistakes In Life – Own Them!

We all make mistakes! We are human after all! But the question is, do we learn from them or do we continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again?

Do we blame other people for our mistakes or do we really own them? If you make a habit out of blaming other people or blaming your circumstances in life you miss out on the potential lessons God is trying to teach YOU!

God has a purpose for your mistakes! The only way we can see what God is doing through them is to own them ourselves!

Don’t Be Ashamed of Repeating the Same Mistakes!

When we don’t accept them, we run the risk of repeating the same mistakes time and time again! It is ok to make them!! We shouldn’t be ashamed of mistakes and failures! Failure means you tried! What matters is whether or not you let your failures defeat you and define you!

We can wallow in our mistakes but that profits us nothing! Seeking God and the lesson He has for you in the mess is what helps us move on and avoid those same pitfalls next time!

Facing your failures and mistakes is so important if we want to move on from them and learn the lessons God has for us IN them!

If you keep experiencing the same problems in your life, it could be that you have avoided addressing them!

It could be that you chose murmuring and complaining about them instead!

Grace Goals by Arabah Joy

Repeating the Same Mistakes in Life – Murmuring and Complaining

Ever take to social media to air your dirty laundry? Ever pen one of those elusive “vaguebook” posts in an attempt to garner attention?

I get it! Sometimes when we go through some stuff we just want to feel like someone cares! So we pull that out of people by making them have to ask us what is wrong.

Come on, can I get an amen?

The Israelites murmured and complained constantly and it kept them walking around that same old mountain for 40 years!

What mountain do you keep walking around?


What is Murmuring?

Not sure if you are a murmurer? Well, let’s define it for you and see!

Dictionary.com defines it as

mumbled or private expression of discontent

So the online equivalent of that is vaguebooking! We are making a seemingly private complaint but in the hopes that someone, anyone, asks us to elaborate!


The Children of Israel

The Israelites did some murmuring but for the most part, they outwardly complained! They complained to Aaron, they complained to Moses and they complained to God!

Exodus 16:2

“In the desert the whole community grumbled against Moses and Aaron.” NIV

That about sums it up!

Exodus 16:3:

“…and the people of Israel said to them, “Would that we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt, when we sat by the meat pots and ate bread to the full, for you have brought us out into this wilderness to kill this whole assembly with hunger.” ESV


So what does God do? He sends them food! He sends manna!

They complain after a while of the manna. God sends them quail.

God is, over time, growing quite tired of their complaining.

Numbers 11:1

“And the people complained in the hearing of the Lord about their misfortunes, and when the Lord heard it, his anger was kindled, and the fire of the Lord burned among them and consumed some outlying parts of the camp.” ESV


What is murmuring going to do for you? I think it is safe to say, God does not tolerate murmuring and complaining for very long. You will stay stuck if you make it a habit to complain about your problems versus facing them and taking them to God!

Don’t miss the lesson or the test God has for you in the mistake! Seek Him in prayer and ask Him what He wants you to take from it. The great thing about God is we may fail by the world’s standards, but we never fail with Him. Like Joyce Meyer says, we just get to keep taking the test over again!

So, stop walking around that mountain and take your cares, your failures, your mistakes to the One who tells you to cast them onto Him!

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36 thoughts on “Why You Keep Repeating the Same Mistakes In Life”

  1. Such an interesting post. I really enjoyed reading it. So true that sometimes we repeat the same mistakes, but as a result miss the lesson we are meant to be learning. I enjoyed this perspective.

  2. Ahhh, murmuring. This has been the topic around my house a lot these past weeks as I go through a 40 Day Word Fast with my neighbor ladies. The Holy Spirit doesn’t abide or move in an atmosphere of murmuring. Thank you for this post. I found you over at Holley Gerth’s site and now I know about your party!

  3. Thanks for writing this encouraging post. The whole idea of wilderness is something really poignant and painful to me. I think the idea of murmuring, when in its normal context, is that it is something said under our breath that is not meant for anyone else to hear, but apparently silent. So while complaining is more of a verbalised discontent said out loud, we can fool ourselves into thinking we’re not complaining if we’re full of that bitter and cynical attitude which fills our thoughts. It may not be verbalised as such, but it is effectively tantamount to complaining, because God knows our thoughts.

    There’s so much to talk about on the subject of wilderness. There’s also something to be said about voicing our complaints and frustrations to God, in that we’re at least still interacting with Him rather than completely withdrawing and walking through that wilderness alone. There’s a recent talk by Tim Keller you have to listen to which he gave while he was in London last week. It’s really relevant to this whole idea of wandering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulmaUtbayGY

    1. Thank you so much, Robert! I will check out the video! I think it is ok to voice our frustrations to God as long as it is productive. For instance, in my previous job, our manager used to tell us that we were welcome to come to her with a complaint, as long as we also come with an idea to make it better. If we didn’t come up with an idea for how the issue could be improved then we were just complaining. So I think if we go to God really seeking an answer or for help instead of just grumbling about something or whining about it, that is perfectly fine!

  4. It is so true that what God wants is for us to face the right way to process and learn from our mistakes. I sure did make some whopper repeater mistakes but I am so grateful that when I finally gave my mistakes and surrendered to doing it His way then God allowed even the mistakes to be a beauty from ashes stories in my life. His grace is amazing!!

  5. Diane, I appreciated your post and challenge that nothing changes if we don’t make changes and take some form of action. As you point out, complaining or murmuring a mumbled or private expression of discontent is just that – voicing displeasure or disappointment – but it does ensure that anything proactive is done to change that situation or circumstance. And yet, we often start complaining not just about the original circumstance, but about the fact the situation repeats and continues! As Christians we are called to own our own behaviour and also to rebuke others with truth, in love and grace. So if we merely complain and do nothing we are definitely not rising to the standards to which we have been called. Thanks for the post!

  6. I’m sure I have murmured or complained but never to get sympathy, I realized how blessed I am. Actually, I didn’t want to do FB thinking it was young people partying and crazy pictures, I stuck to Pinterest but I have found I can share there as well. It’s good to pass along experience. have a good dialogue without complaints.

  7. I believe that God doesn’t get angry at our complaining, but he does get upset when we do take our complaints and disappointments to others instead of to him. While I do think that God wants us to look for the joy in our life and situations, I do also believe that he wants for us to have a real relationship with him, including sharing our sorrows, disappointments, etc. In the examples you used, the complaints were not taken to God. Instead they were shared with others in God’s presence, which did make him angry.

    1. Exactly!! You nailed it on the head! Having complaints is fine except when we take it to people instead of Him AND unless our complaining is coming from a place of ingratitude (as was the case with the Israelites who complained every time God did something else for them!)! Thank you!

  8. Diane – great post – It’s so true – we must learn from our mistakes and move forward. No more complaining, blame shifting, or running, but face them head on so we don’t repeat them. Thanks for the linkup too 🙂

  9. Wonderful post. I remember reading the story of the Israelites one day and realizing that God takes our complaining very seriously. That was an eye opener. And it helped me with my complaining. Sometimes I think our society encourages us to complain. And that is not good. Complaining can make us momentarily make us feel good, but it hasn’t solved our problem.

  10. I love this – if we keep complaining we will stay stuck. Love the reminder to turn to God with our problems and stop running to others for attention and comfort. You see some people stuck in cycles and you want to encourage them and share this truth, but also doing it with grace. Love the reminder for myself – take it to God first!

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