1. Listening and learning here today!
    Why do we separate our “real lives” from our reading of the Word of God?
    Thanks for this reminder that He gives us light on our path, but it might not be as much as we would like!

  2. A lamp, a light, a guide. Thanking God for His Word this morning … and for this space you give us to meet together. Bless you, Diane …

  3. What a beautiful post! God’s Word has illuminated my path so many times. When I am unsure or need encouragement, the answer is always found within the pages of His Word. Thank you for this poignant reminder. God bless!

  4. Powerful message, Diane. I like your analogy to God’s Word lighting our path one step at a time…the way a flashlight would do on a dark path in the woods. We can’t see far on up ahead. It’s one step at a time. Beautiful imagery to trust God with every step I take.

  5. What a great encouragement on so many levels. Not only are we supposed to trust that He will light our way, but we should help others see their paths by loving them well!

  6. Great words as always! So grateful! I never looked at the difference between the two words (Lamp and Light) I have heard them both referred to as a dim light in comparison to today’s lights. I find that it always comes back to relying on Him for everything, trusting in anything/anyone else is that same as trusting in Egypt. Thanks for digging in and sharing these great nuggets. 8)

  7. I love this post! 🙂 His Word—our textbook for life. We are so blessed to have it and to freely be able to own a copy. Sometimes I think we take that for granted. Thanks for the great post! Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

  8. I’m so glad we landed next to each other at Debbie Kitterman’s linkup. I love teaching from the Hebraic. Blessed today to have found you.

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