Finding a Silver Lining Means Facing the Cloud

Finding a silver lining means facing the cloud
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Finding a silver lining means facing the cloud

We have all heard the expression:

“Every cloud has a silver lining”

Basically what this is saying is that every problem, every issue that we have in life comes with some positive aspect to it.  It could be a lesson to learn, a relationship formed, a barrier overcome, help obtained.  But, that somewhere in the problem there is a positive.

And we as Christians know this to be true.  Very often when we go through tough times we can see how God worked in our situation or used it somehow for good or to help change us in some area we struggle with.

But the problem with silver linings is that in order to see them, you actually have to look at the cloud.  In order to see the silver lining you need to become somewhat adept at cloud watching!  And many of us don’t ever get to see the silver lining that God has for us in the situation because we are resistant, we are hesitant or we outright refuse to look at and really examine the problems in our lives.

The problem with silver linings is that in order to see them, you actually have to look at the cloud. Click To Tweet

Finding a silver lining means facing the clouds

Many of us go through the same things over and over again! A good example of this would be financial problems.  Many people with financial difficulties go through the same issues again and again because many times they are unwilling or unable to look at the real problem.  And you see, they are not going to see the silver lining in their financial problems because they won’t face them.  You cannot fix bad financial behavior until you turn and face the issue head on and start to deal with it.  You cannot fix any problem until you face it and deal with it.

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And many of us don’t want to do that…because it’s painful, it is difficult, it is embarrassing…or maybe it’s fear!  Facing the problem head on and fixing it requires ACTION…and sometimes the thought of taking action creates a level of fear we feel is actually worse than the problem itself.  Maybe it is a problem in your marriage that you’ve been ignoring because you fear that facing it could cause your marriage to crumble or cause your spouse to leave.  The fear of fixing the problem becomes greater than the problem itself.

But in order to get to that silver lining, you have to face that cloud.  You have to acknowledge the problem and work to solve it or get help where needed!  Ignoring it won’t make it go away.  It won’t get better on its own.  And once you dive right into the act of problem solving, God can use that to do a work in you or do a work in somebody else…maybe someone you are praying for..and bring about change.  But we need to participate and be change agents WITH God.  We can’t just sit idly by and wait for things to get better.  We need to take action and it’s possible that the only action you can take is to get on your knees in prayer.  But getting into the act of prayer IS facing the problem because you have to acknowledge it in order to pray about it!!

Many times we think if we ignore an issue it will fix itself or just go away.  It won’t.  God does not tell us to have a spirit of fear!!


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” 2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)


And our fear could be in the problem itself or in the work we need to do to fix it.

It could be that your problem is like mine.  It could be you have to forgive someone for something that is very difficult to forgive and still feels very painful.  And it could be that you start to avoid the person or distance yourself from them instead of dealing with it by letting them know how it made you feel and addressing the issue with them.  What if they don’t care?  What if it damages the relationship permanently?  What if they get angry with YOU and don’t receive what you are saying?  And then having to forgive them regardless and move on.  It could be that you need to forgive and then remove that person from your life and you know that you have to do that and you don’t want to.

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I was in a relationship like that once.  I knew in my heart it was not the person for me.  I knew that all the hurt and anxiety I went through DAILY was not healthy.  And in retrospect, I was in love with the IDEA of the person, not the person himself.  It was painful, it was damaging and it wasn’t even his fault.  He was going through things himself that made it impossible to be in a relationship with ANYONE.  But I didn’t want to face it and I held on for months..suffering every day with it.  Then finally God in His mercy just yanked me head first out of it.  And I went through more months of pain because I didn’t just face it and deal with it.  I could have avoided months and months of pain had I just been willing to acknowledge the issues and let go of the fear of losing the person.  It happened anyway…and many of our outcomes will happen anyway and by facing the issue we can just lessen the pain that could come with ignoring it until it boils over.  We can rob ourselves of ever seeing the silver lining when we don’t face the cloud.

So if you have problems that you have not been facing, go to God in prayer about them and ask Him for help.  He will give you the grace and the mercy to get through it when you seek His help.  Ask Him how He wants you to deal with the situation and get help from someone if He leads you to.  But start first by turning and facing the cloud.

Worth Beyond Rubies

Finding a Silver Lining Means Facing the Cloud



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  1. I've learned the hard way that ignoring the problem will do nothing but make it worse!! Thanks for this! I love these words and think it's such a great reminder.

    • Thank you so much Keri! I am glad it resonated with you in some way!!

  2. This line is the one I'll carry in my heart. "But in order to get to that silver lining, you have to face that cloud." Thank you!

    • Joy I am glad that it impacted you in some way! Thanks so much for your comment!!

  3. I kid you not, 2 Timothy 1:7 shows up everywhere I look, even in my own quotes. It's definitely been weighing on my mind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today!

    • Thanks Lauren! That's so awesome how God works like that!!

  4. Loved reading this. Every situation in my life has turned out as a reflection of Gods true love for me. I am so grateful that God has allowed me to see the silver lining even when I fall into the same traps over and over again. He is so awesome with us! Thank you for a great post.

  5. This is very good. I heard someone once say, we won't fix things in our lives that we tolerate. We may want to fix it, but if we can tolerate it, the fixing will take a little longer. Great post!

    • Exactly Saleama! That's so true!! Thank you for the comment!

  6. What great encouragement, Diane! We can do these hard things because we do not have that spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind! Thank you for this xo

  7. Beautifully written! I really like your play on words in the title. Thank you for your encouragement to do what is right even when it's hard. I loved your post about the panic attack the other day also! :)

  8. I've heard it say 'buried feelings never die." We have to bring them out and look at them, and let God transform us, don't we? If we keep ourselves in the dark, not face it, we can't see the light either that wants to heal and transform. Lovely post!