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When my mother passed away in 2015, she left me her beloved sewing machine.  I love this machine because it had been in our home longer thimg_5702an I was..including the cabinet it resides in!  I watched my mother sew on this beauty my whole life.  Even though I never wanted to learn to sew growing up, this machine is like an old friend to me.  It has also given me a love and appreciation for vintage machines.  I never knew anything about this machine before I brought it home with me but now, I realize just how amazing it is.

This is my mother’s Singer 500A, also known as the Slant-o-matic and the Rocketeer.  She took meticulous care of this machine and it works like its brand new.  The cabinet is the original one she bought for it.  This machine was way ahead of its time.  It dates back to 1961 and it developed the name “The Rocketeer” because of its space age design which aligned with the country’s fascination with space!  It has a lightweight aluminum chassis and is gear driven.  It is double needle capable and loaded with amazing features…definitely worth looking at if you want to start off your sewing journey with a vintage machine OR if you are a veteran and just want to expand your collection.

My new machine is one my husband got me for Christmas before my mom passed.  It is a Brother CS6000i.  I love this machine because it is totally computerized.  I can use the foot pedal or press a button!  I can change speeds just by moving a slider.  The stitches on the computerized display will tell you exactly what presser foot you need for that stitch, and they all come with the machine.  This is a great machine for a beginner or veteran!  For me, since I really learned on it, it made it easy as a beginner!

Here is a video I found on You Tube going into detail about what comes with this machine!  She also has some great videos for every single detail about the machine and its use!!  I recommend subscribing if you get this machine!!

I have also posted a link on the side of this page to the machine itself.



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