Wait! Right Move, Wrong Time: Knowing When to Change Course

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When I have an idea for a blog post I usually write it down or, if I don’t have a pen or paper nearby I will use my phone’s voice recorder to record the idea so I don’t forget it later on. And I WILL forget it later on so this is a wise plan for myself!
Today I had an idea for a blog post. It was a great idea! I wrote it all out in my journal so I would remember key points for when I wrote the post. When my day winded down some, I decided to sit down and blog. I began to write and then deleted it. I started over and then deleted it. Every minute I sat there trying to write I grew more frustrated. I found I was paying more attention to my grammar and sentence structure than I was the post itself. I finally closed my laptop and figured I would blog tomorrow. Feeling confused, I went to do some laundry. After all, it WAS a great idea! While getting my clothes, I had an epiphany! I mean, we all know God tends to give us our best ideas while doing the mundane! And I want to share this with you because it could be all this was for someone who really needs to hear this, instead of what I was going to say. And when God tells me to change course, I listen.

Sometimes what we want to do or say might be the right thing. It might be a good thing. It may even be a great thing! But it may not be the right time. I had this awesome post…but it may have not been the right time.
If you know deep down in your heart that something you want to do or say is right…if you are sure it is good….and yet you feel utter frustration or uneasiness in doing it, it could be God’s way of telling you to wait. It could just be that you or someone else will be blessed by your decision to obey and wait. It could be that if you act now it will not give you the result you want. So pay attention to those frustrations. Pay attention to those delays. And when you feel peace and ease in doing it, then that is God telling you it’s time.

I could have just continued on in frustration and made a horrible post and had a horrible time writing it. I could have not written anything and just been frustrated because what I wanted to do didn’t work out. But I chose to be willing to walk away for a time, not completely abandoning my idea but being willing to wait, and then to listen and obey when God redirected me. And I can go on with my day happy in that obedience.

And now, to fold some clothes…because it IS time to do that!

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